He said, she said

Her: So I recently started using this new app called Whisper. It’s where people can anonymously post their deepest secrets and others can respond in either another secret or through message. Well, I was just browsing through some secrets when my message box dinged.

I’ve never posted a secret, so I was confused as to who was sending me a message. When I opened it, there was a long message and a photo….
The photo was a penis.
Him: That’s a little more than a whisper…
Her: I can’t even explain how disgusted I was.
Him: The closest things to a sext that I’ve ever received was a snapchat of someone’s isolated testicle.
Her: What did you do?

Him: I was actually really impressed, not by the testicle, but by the winky face that had been doodled on it…

Her: That’s so weird! Especially since you never know what you’re gonna get in a snap or text nowadays.
Him: Sexting is the modern way of suggesting a hookup. It’s the “Here’s a picture of my junk, are you interested?” mentality. Sexting has no race, gender or sexuality; even married couples sext.
Her: I sure hope my parents don’t! I don’t even want to think about it!

Him: If sexting was around during biblical times, don’t tell me Mary Magdalene wouldn’t send a picture of her boobs to Jesus.
Her: Does sexting have to be, like, private parts? What if I sent someone a sleazy picture of me in a tank top? Is that sexting? Does a sext have to suggest a sexscapade?

Him: It freaks me out to put certain body parts into the public domain. I mean, have you ever heard of revenge porn?

Its when an ex- takes your private sexts and posts it on a website or a blog, all the celebrities
are doing it.
Her: That’s insane! Why would anyone ever want to have their body parts over the internet? That’s so disturbing!

Him: Well it’s one way of getting a date.
Her: What happened to online dating? Single-farmers or Christian Mingle sounds like a better option than exposing your privates all over social media, just saying!

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