Stickin’ together

From the purple ribbons tied around trees all over campus to the ‘Pink the Rink’ hockey games each season, Castleton students take pride in supporting world causes and raising awareness.
On Sunday, the Castleton cross country sponsored a 5k color run to raise awareness and support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of teammate, Caitlin Ryan.
Ryan’s condition isn’t pressing at the moment, but the fund will be available should she need something in the future because she will always be a member of the Castleton family.
“We’re not a traditional team because we compete individually but we keep a strong bond and care about each-other a lot,” team member Casey Armstrong said. “We are really proud to be supporting her through this cause.”
This homecoming event took place on campus and all proceeds go to the foundation.
But the efforts of CSC students don’t stop in Castleton.
When Hurricane Sandy wiped out the Jersey Shore students gathered together, hopped on a bus and went down there to help and rebuild.
When Irene battered Vermont, they helped clean mud and debris from devastated Rutland homes.
All of these examples show Castleton’s nature and concern for things happening in the world around us. Even though we may be located in a small town barely on a map, we reach our hands and help whenever and wherever we can.
Each person on this campus comes from a different place, a different family, a different life with different hardships, different memories and different experiences. But by getting involved in a number of causes, we come together to support the entire region.
For the two volleyball games this Sunday, for instance, the team supported and raisied awareness for breast cancer by wearing pink and selling pink items.
Even if the cause isn’t in honor of someone specific, people come out to support us for supporting the cause. You never know what people may have faced in their lives or been affected by and Castleton offers many opportunities to get involved in different causes.
Once a Spartan, always a Spartan.
We stick together for the school, for the community and for the world.

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