Movie Review: Looper

If you are looking for a movie that really makes you think than look no farther than Looper. It is to time travel what Inception was to dreams in that adds a new perspective when thinking about them.

It coincidentally also features Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

You could consider it a science fiction film, but it could also be considered an action film as it has a considerable amount of action. It is never too much though, and it never takes away from the story that unfolds over the course of the movie.

Gordon-Levitt plays Joe Simmons, who is part of a group of hit men who are known as loopers. Time travel is discovered and immediately outlawed, used for all intents and purposes only by criminals. They work for a man named Abe from the future who travels back to the present day to control the loopers and guide them.

People from the future in the year 2074 send the target back in time to the present day of 2044. Joe and other loopers kill the target and get rid of the body, because in the future it becomes a lot harder to hide dead bodies.

The setting in the movie is an amusing one. It is the United States, but it does not really resemble it whatsoever, but some twisted image of the country.

Seeing Joe kill a few people is interesting as you delve into his psyche. Seeing people get shot by a blunderbuss never gets any less entertaining, even though you would think they would have a better choice for a gun than those by the time we reach 2044.

The movie really picks up steam though when Bruce Willis’ character is sent to Joe to be killed. The problem is that Willis’ character is not just some target, but is actually Joe from the future. It is referred to as “closing the loop” and they make you kill your future self.

Yeah, that part is just a little bit twisted.

For a movie detailing time travel it is actually not overly confusing, except for one part after you meet up with future Joe. A lot of the intricacies of time travel actually make sense as you watch the movie and how they handle future version of the characters is very interesting. It certainly makes you think about the consequences of your actions on your future self.

This movie is top-notch, and Willis just owns the screen as future Joe. If you enjoy a nice science fiction movie with a good story than this movie is certainly for you.


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