Reality TV: Jersey Shore

What happened to the good ole days when reality television was interesting to watch and kept you at the edge of your seat? Remember way back to the first season of Survivor and Big Brother when you were a kid and watching them every Tuesday night was always risky because you had to wake up for school the next day?

Well after 25 seasons of Survivor, I think we all got a little tired of hearing about what tropical place CBS was dropping the contestants off at.

No one thought while in reality television’s infancy, that the end product would be a new type of Survivor based in the most tropical and unpredictable place of all… New Jersey.

With the sixth season of Jersey Shore airing on October 4, we all need to check our priorities before we tune in to watch this mindless show. Granted I haven’t religiously followed the show since the first season, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why people tune in every week to see the Snooki’s and Ronnie’s of the world.

We just love drama.

Even if most of it is staged and totally setup to make the show more appealing, we still continue to buy it. I can guarantee that at some point in this season the roommates will either fight one another, hook up with each other, or get arrested for being totally hammered in public.

This is the main reason why I’m feeling so nostalgic towards my favorite show as a child. During Survivor’s golden days, you never knew what was going to go down on that deserted island. Seeing those previews for the next week at the end of each episode always kept you on your toes.

The stuff happening back then was totally genuine, I mean during one episode a guy fell onto a fire pit and had to be immediately rushed to a hospital because of third degree burns.

Best part about it?

They showed the whole thing…

And it was real.

But even still, I know everyone will be tuning into watch Jersey Shore next week, as they do every season.

 But hey, I can’t say that I’m that upset about it, it could be worse…

You could be Snooki’s kid.

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