Corduroy & Leather

If you’re into fashion, you most likely follow what is hot and trendy for that specific season. For those who don’t, a trend is something in fashion that repeats itself every so often that dictates what people are going to wear and be popular that season.

            This fall, it just so happens to be leather and corduroy. Weird combination right? Let’s just attempt to tackle corduroy for a second.

            Let the word, corduroy, sink in your mind for a moment. Taste it on your tounge. Anything interesting come to mind? I get floods of flashbacks of when I was in 5thgrade wearing god-awful khaki corduroy pants that were “all the rage” at that moment.

            Thanks Mom, I’m sure I looked great. Struttin’ my stuff, obvi.

            Now that I’m sure some people disagree with me when I say this, but I just can’t stand corduroy. It feels weird and I just can’t get the thoughts of my awkward end of elementary/middle school days of bad clothes, frizzy hair and learning that cooties weren’t real while wearing uncomfortable, thick corduroy pants. Just don’t do it. I could not give a rats ass what color the pants are or how thick/thin the actual cord on the pants are. Corduroy needs to stay in the 90’s where it belongs. Please.

            Working at Saks Fifth Avenue, I get exposed to the trends one season before you’re actually supposed to wear them. The “oh my god, this is just the most fab “insert article of clothing” here I have ever seen. It’s to die for darling” trend for the 2012 fall-winter is leather.

            Yes leather. Basically one of the most uncomfortable things to put on your skin next to sand paper. Why is this a trend? Because it is fabulous my dear, just delicious (cue super flamboyant queen voice). 

            Now being a horseback rider, I am used to leather. However it goes OVER our outfits. Not on our skin. I had a customer this past summer at Saks who was a high and mighty New York businesswoman. Louboutin heels, Prada bag, perfectly coiffed blonde(ish) hair…the whole shebang. She saw this 100% designer real leather dress and decided to try it on. I’m not talking about cotton dress that had some leather pieces on it. Oh no, a full leather dress. The decision was that she loved it. Great. During the checkout process, I asked her if she had a dinner to go to which could’ve been the reason she decided to make the purchase; it cost a pretty penny.

            “Oh no  honey. I’ll just wear it to get my nails done!”

            For real? She then added that she refuses to wear anything that is not on trend. Okay…let’s digest this one for a sec.

            When I get my nails done; yoga pants, t-shirt, flip-flops. Done. It’s a mini spa experience so I want to be comfortable. Someone PLEASE explain to me how sitting on a leather chair with a leather dress is comfortable?!  Excuse me while I have a quick study sesh in the library with my full body leather outfit. I’d probably get kicked out because I would squeak every time I moved. So not practical! Not to mention, I’m not exactly a fan of the sores and/or rash one would probably have at the end of the day from chafing.

            Now don’t get me wrong, leather is great. In moderation. BCBG MaxAzaria made a wonderful pair of leggings that had bits and pieces of leather on it. That’s perfect…that’s all you need! Trends tell people what they should and shouldn’t wear but in reality, loads of the time, it’s just not practical for whatever lifestyle we are living. Trends should be more than one or two specific things that are all the rage that season. Some trends stay for good (i.e. knee high boots) and some stay for the moment (i.e. this seasons must have color – burgundy – on any and everything. One must decipher which is which and you’ll be forever timeless and au courant.

            But, while we wait for the new and “OMG gunna die if I don’t have this!!” spring trend, I’m going to slide into my leather body suit and wiggle into corduroy pants…but only in my worst nightmare. BRB.

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