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      Harry Potter isn’t the only way; we muggles can feel magic in everyday life. I’m not talking about wizards, but more of an emotion. The feeling many try to avoid due to past experiences or fear. That feeling that ignites a fire in the heart, or brings butterflies to one’s stomach. It has four letters and it’s usually a word used too quickly.

      “I love you.” It’s such a common term now a day. We use the term probably more than we change our underwear. But what happens when the common term transforms into something real?

      I’ve been dating my astounding boyfriend for seven months now and we were both so careful with the term “I love you.”  We waited a good month and a half before we started using it and until we both knew it was real. How did we know one might ask?

      He was changing my world. I noticed that I smiled a lot more, that I had more hope, and that I actually started to believe in myself a little more. When I was with him, there was never a dull moment. He always had me giggling like a little girl, or we were so deep in conversation that we lost track of time. Not all love has to feel like this, though. Everyone is different. Some feel as if their significant other is like their best friend while others may feel as if they’re the entire universe, or maybe even both. Love doesn’t necessarily come right away in a relationship either.

       But when it does, it lands with a bang. It can make anyone feel as if they’re a witch or wizard in Harry Potter. Like they’re magical and everything in the world is perfect.

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