Spring cleaning means pick up your trash

            Winter is over. Rejoice! The sun is out, the leaves are budding, and what’s up with all this garbage strewn across campus? Take a look around you. See anything that belongs in trash that could easily have been picked up, or simply thrown in a designated receptacle to begin with?

            There is no reason, not one good, logical, or respectful, reason as to why any garbage, wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, paper plates, napkins, banana peels, Dunkin’ Donuts cups, straws, plastic utensils, paper bags, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, wine bottles, or apple cores should be found on the ground a short walk from a trashcan. People, this is a small campus and we have more than enough bins to go around.

            Chances are the person walking to, or from, the library thought that dropping a banana peel on the ground looked good. Well guess what banana-villain, it doesn’t. It’s not modern art and it will not grow into a tree and produce more bananas for everyone to enjoy. It’s simply impossible in our climate. Within a one hundred foot radius there are 4 trashcans: one in the library, one outside Jeffords Hall, another behind Jeffords Hall by the gardens, and another on the walkway between the library and Jeffords. C’mon people! Even if you’re not the one to throw it on the ground take the initiative! Throw it away.

            Smokers! What’s the deal? Why all the butts on campus? No ifs, ands, or butts about it, the filters will not move themselves. Please just toss them on your way to class. If you’re not going to class, toss it anyway. Evidently, time is on your side. Stub them out though, or else you may light the trashcan on fire. For a visual, look over the Leavenworth Hall banister. The plethora of butts in the grass is completely repulsive and just looks awful. Do you really want there to be a layer of disposed cigarette butts covering the grass?

            It’s more than just being respectful to our fellow students and not having them clean up the messes we make, but saving the time and energy of our grounds keepers who keep our campus looking as good as it does in the pictures. They keep the grass mowed and the gardens well-mulched. They keep the trees trimmed and the snow plowed. They actually work all day. Do they need to clean up after us? It’s not in their job description to do so. Aren’t we adults? Let’s act like it.

            Remember, there’s no more snow to swallow up the junk we leave behind (not that there was much anyway). So whatever foreign object stands out in the grass, under the trees, and in the shrubs, just pick it up. Please. We have a gorgeous campus, so let’s take the initiative and keep it clean.

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