Freshman Column

There’s never really been a real answer in my mind to curing all stress and making sure that I’m getting all my homework done along with still having a great social life.

I was always that student that went to all her classes, did all her homework, and still had time to be with friends. Now, I’ll be lucky if I get five minutes where I’m not worried about my homework or grades.

This is where it just gets pathetic, when I’m actually ditching my homework to have a social life; my conscience screaming at me to go study.

I know, I’m a writer and I love what I’m doing, but sometimes I definitely do need a break.

I must confess, however, my life isn’t as hectic as my roommate, and charming friend, Kate. She’s a music education major with a concentration in piano.

“We don’t get any down time, we get practice room time,” Kate tells me as we discuss how crazy our lives have been lately.

It gets really tiring and old after awhile of never having time to sit down and have a nice conversation with a friend, or curl up in your room to a good book. Make a schedule!

It’s the best route to take to manage time.  And remember to put those books down every once in awhile and get out, but not for too long.

Those grades still need to be great for mom and dad!


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