Snowless winter has many dissapointed

Vermont hasn’t been living up to its expectations this season, and while some enjoy the lack of snow others are frustrated by it.

“It’s nice not to worry about plowing parking lots and moving cars but I would much rather have snow,” said Dean of Students, Dennis Proulx.

Students, on the other hand, are outraged by the conditions at Killington.

“After a season like last year’s, standards get set pretty high. The lack of snow this season has really crippled the resorts and made skiing or riding nearly impossible,” said avid snowboarder, Nate Dunn.

Out of the 140 trails only 96 are open, and out of the 22 lifts only 13 are running. The total snowfall at Killington last year was 263 inches and this year only 84 inches has fallen so far.

“I love to go skiing, but the lack of snow has put a damper on it,” said skier Erin Jacobs.

What little snow there was quickly turned to ice, making the trails dangerous and unpleasant.

“It’s absurd. I ate shit on a run at Killington cause I caught an edge on ice,” said skier Emma Rudnick.

Although many miss their fluffy white friend, others are glad that there hasn’t been much of it.

“I hate the snow so the season has been nice without it,” said Chelsea Wilberg.

Proulx said that it has been a safe winter for commuters because there’s always a risk of accidents while driving in the snow. However, he thinks building snowmen and playing in the snow are both good things.

“Living in Vermont means snow; if we didn’t like snow we’d live in Hawaii,” said Proulx.

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