SGA plans semester

The SGA has a lot in store for campus this semester. While not all of the proposed projects are definite, all ideas expressed at the Feb. 1 meeting were new and positive.

Although a big part of Congress meetings involves committee check in, it offers the opportunity for each delegate to bring new ideas to the table.

Most of the ideas generated are to answer common student complaints or other ongoing issues the SGA feels inclined to tackle.

Some potential activities this semester include an Earth Day music festival and at least two New England sports trips. Definite plans include adding three iMacs and PCs to the Fireside game room.

One prospective projects is a “Hot Spot” connection in the Campus Center.   

“Students have always complained about the lack of service down in Fireside. We had a performer who couldn’t get a connection,” said Andre Coutu, a delegate on SGA.

Installing a DVD-Now! box on campus is also being looked into. Similar to  Red Box, it would not only  appeal to students, but also generate an income.

The discussion of instituting a meal plan that includes access to local stores and restaurants has ended. The thought behind its dismissal being that it would be fiscally unfeasible. However, the plan to institute debt or credit swipe laundry systems is in full swing and is foreseeable in the near future.

Other ideas include paving many of the man-made dirt paths that happen all over campus and new environmentally sustainable windows for the dorms. 

Another idea proposed is free standing breezeways or gazebos to prevent smokers from congregating under the building awnings during bad weather.

While there is still some debate over the cost, placement, and general preference of those who don’t smoke, the SGA  wants to gather information before jumping the gun on any possible changes.

A water refilling station is also being considered. It would be sanitary and ecofriendly and would promote minimal usage of disposal water bottles.

Stephanie Terry, SGA President, seems not only hopeful but dedicated to making new and bigger changes on our campus with the help of the Congress.

Student feedback is positive for these changes.

“I’m definitely in favor of the Hot Spot in Fireside. It’s annoying and inconvient to use the space and to have to go in and out to text,” said student Ben Carstens.

“It will be a nice change. I also really think the computers are going to be a great addition, since there are no computers open to students in the Campus Center.”

Another student, Dalton Crete, agrees with Carstens. “These will be great additions. And if they do decide to add more gazeboes—since there’s only two on the entire campus—they should consider weather proofing them, screening them in or something.”

“It will be exciting to see how they institute the new changes,” says student Lauren Tulikangas.

For those interested in being involved in SGA, the meetings are held weekly in the SGA office in the Campus Center from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Wednesdays.

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