Faculty member recalls teaching accused bank robber

When news first broke of the arrest of Jill Ludwig and John Maynard several weeks ago at Paul’s Pizza, word quickly spread that Ludwig was a Castleton resident and former Castleton State student.

Those in the college community immediately tried hard to remember the alleged bank robber, with little luck.

Initially, nobody could be found on campus who could recall Ludwig, either as a classmate or as a student. But after the story of her arrest hit the stands, that changed.

“She was in my first SOS group,” said sociology professor Bill Kuehn, pointing to one of a collection of photos on his office wall.

Kuehn said when he first saw her picture in the Rutland Herald, he knew she looked familiar, but couldn’t remember where he recognized her from.

“Then, I finally pieced it together: I knew she was a student and I knew I had a picture of her,” he said.

In the same picture as Ludwig, which hangs loosely on Kuehn’s wall along with all his other SOS group photos, Sports Information Director Jeff Weld can be found.

“Funny thing is, when I read the name and description when the news first broke, I figured I must know her because of her age and time at Castleton matches up with mine as a student,” said Weld. “When I finally saw her picture I realized I did vaguely remember her…I can’t pinpoint any actual memories of her.

“My guess is our paths didn’t cross all that much socially, other than she might have lived in Ellis when I was there.”

Although neither Kuehn nor Weld had any specifi c memories of Ludwig, Kuehn noted that she was a full member of the class, a bit on the quiet side, reasonably popular with the other students and a good student academically.”

“Looking at the pictures, she looks like she is a happy enough person,” he said.  “So it just shows what twists and turns our lives can take …and it’s sad.”

Ludwig, who is charged with robbing the Citizen’s Bank in Poultney, is in police custody at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility and according to the public court calendar available online, is scheduled for a court appearance in Rutland on Dec. 19 at 3 p.m.

She is also a suspect in bank robberies in Granville, N.Y.

“Students make their mark one way or another,” said Kuehn. “It’s just a shame that’s how her mark was made.”

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