The girl behind the goals

As the through ball from teammate Hilary Cooke split the two Husson defenders, Courtney Chadburn made the one-time shot, bending it like Beckham to put it right over the goalie’s hands and into the back of the net.

Instantly she ran to the corner flag and began shimmying into her celebration dance as the crowd went wild.

It was the game-winning goal that sent the Spartans into the conference finals against Husson, but it was just another goal for Chadburn. Just weeks before, Chadburn had broken the record of the most goals scored by a Castleton player, scoring her 80th overall.

“I was glad I got it over with, because it seemed like other people were more into the record breaking than I was,” Chadburn said with a sigh. “It was good to get it over with so I would stop hearing about it.”

Chadburn, a Vermont native from North Clarendon, is a player who doesn’t care about her stats. According to her father, Randy Chadburn, who has coached her since childhood and his now an assistant coach for the Castleton women’s team, she is the ultimate team player and always has been.


Turn Back the Clock

As a young girl growing up in the farm country of Clarendon, Courtney could always be found outside with a soccer ball attached to her foot, her father said.

“She’s more comfortable on the field,” said Randy. “The field is like her home. She will go out in the yard, crank the tunes and just play for hours. That’s how she develops her skills, that’s how she has fun.”

 On the field, Courtney has always been surrounded by family. Carisa, her older sister, who is just two years older than her, also played at Castleton, and for two years they were teammates.

“It was more of a blessing than a burden,” Courtney said when asked about playing with her sister. “We always talked about the game, but there was little conflict because I was a forward and she was a defender. It was nice always having her there.”

Having her father always around on the sidelines was a gift as well, according to Courtney. She was always anxious for his feedback, but Randy said it was typically a couple days after the game had ended or just after the heat of the battle, that he would give input.

“I’m her father first, her friend second, and her coach third,” he said. “She puts a lot of pressure on herself, I didn’t want to add to that.”


Off the Field

 But what does Castleton’s all-time leading goal scorer do when she isn’t playing or thinking about soccer?

Well, one of her favorite things to do is watch the Jersey Shore.

“I love Vinny, he’s my favorite,” Courtney confessed. “My teammates pick on me because you’d think I wouldn’t like something like that, but it gives us common ground to talk about things other than soccer.”

  Friends and family say Courtney is also very determined and driven not only in soccer, but in school and in life in general.

She was recently named as a member of the COSIDA Capital One Academic All-District First Team. She is the first Castleton student-athlete to receive this honor. The physical education major maintains a cumulative 3.96 GPA, helping her team maintain a 3.58 GPA in the 2010-2011 season, the highest out of any Castleton sports team.

 “She’s an unbelievable player AND student,” said coach Chris Chapdelaine, emphasizing the and. It’s not surprising that ti her free time, Courtney says she does a lot of schoolwork, and she also reads.

The Records

   Courtney has had numerous accomplishments over her four years as a player at Castleton. In her time, she has scored 85 goals, and she has also tallied 41 assists. She was named NAC rookie of the year in 2008, and has been on the NAC 1st team for three years. She has been on the ECAC 1st team and the ECAC all New-England team. She has been the NAC player of the year four years in a row now. She has also led Castleton in goals and in points in her first three seasons, and leads them this year as well. She was also on the NAC All-Tournament team in 2010.

Despite the achievements and success, her teammates say you wouldn’t know it by talking to her.

“She’s such an awesome role model. If I ever needed help or advice, I could always count on Court. She’s an outstanding player and is always looking to help others,” said freshman teammate Jenna Bostwick.

 Teammates Halie Roberge and Kelsey Garceau couldn’t agree more. Courtney was best described as determined by both teammates and her head coach as well.

  “I was so happy for her when she broke the record,” Chapdelaine said. “She put in the work to being the best that she can be and scoring goals is the product of that.”

   Her father thought the same.

  “I’m…just so proud of her,” said Randy, hesitating with a shaky voice.


Her Time is Winding Down

As a senior with only one semester left, Courtney is a little reflective these days. Her soccer career is ending and the real world is calling. But she seems readu, and thankful for her time at CSC.

“The most special thing is the friendships I was able to gain and the new people I have met along the way. Without soccer, I don’t think I would have some of the friends I do,” said Courtney. “It’s the best thing about my four years here.”

   And having accomplished so much, Courtney has mixed feelings about her final collegiate season coming to an end.

  “It’s really going to hit me next summer/fall. I’m going to stop and think, ‘wait, aren’t I supposed to be in pre-season right now?'” Chadburn said with a smile. “Thanks for reminding me.”

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