Senior column

“What are you going to do when you get out of college?” That seems to be the most asked question from the moment you take your first step onto campus.

 As we continue through our years here at college, the pressure builds as we now ask ourselves, “What am I going to do after I get out of here?”

For most of the seniors they can wait until May to figure that out, but as for the select few of us, including myself, we are freaking out a bit. 

I’m graduating this December.  Do I have any clue as to what I’m going to do? Absolutely not.  When I start thinking about the future, pressure builds up in my chest and the thought of being in the real world and holding a real job almost brings on a panic attack. 

I have to remind myself that I need to live in this very moment and focus on the more important things like school and spending the last semester I have left here with my friends. 

Do I feel resentful toward every one picking classes? A little bit, especially with all of the fun classes I’m hearing about. 

But I have to think about my last few weeks here as a blessing, and take everything that I learned from Castleton and apply it to my everyday life.  A little word of advice though, don’t rush.  Make the decisions that are right for you and in the end, all things will work out. 


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