Clearing up a couple feather issues

Clearing up a couple feathery issues

A story in the last issue of the Spartan, detailing how a new fashion trend using feathers is angering fishermen, needs clarification. Feathers used in women’s hair are causing the price of feathers fishermen use for flies to go up, but included in the story was an Alternative Spring Break feather sale – which didn’t exacerbate the problem.

ASB members came to the Spartan saying their feathers were synthetic. The reporter of the story was unaware the feathers weren’t real.

The ASB members also wanted to clarify an error reported with the price of the feathers. The Spartan article stated the feathers were two for $20. In fact, they were one for $8, two for $15 or three for $20.

Group members said they hoped for a correction in the paper because they are planning other feather sales to raise money for a spring trip to Petersfield, Jamaica to work in a community school and help with local community needs. 



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