SGA sets goals for the new year

As a new school year begins, so do the Student Government Association’s plans for our campus. In past years, SGA has been making huge changes on the CSC campus and new President Stephanie Terry sees this year as being no different.

“I’d say, we have big plans, especially in Congress and regarding big projects on campus,” Terry says.

The SGA at CSC encompasses more than many realize. It not only includes the government body, but College Court, Congress, and the Campus Activities Board, too.

As the college Web site states, and as Terry is quick to reaffirm, “All students are automatically members of the SGA. As the student government of Castleton, the SGA represents the interests of Castleton students and administers.”

So what is in store for the CSC community this year?

“We all have a lot of different ideas, but we have been discussing most recently the conversion of the washing machines to utilize our I.D. cards. This way, we could have a plan set up with the school and it would be an initial ‘laundry fee.’ We all know how aggravating it is to try and find quarters at midnight,” says Terry.

Other projects mentioned include more safety lighting on campus.

 “We all [the members of SGA, CAB, Congress and Court] discuss what we want to plan for before we leave for summer and when we return, discuss what we want to take priority,” she said.

So in a lot of ways, SGA is still in planning mode, she said.

For students, however, this isn’t such a bad thing. It gives the SGA a chance to work on their other top goal; connecting with the students.

“We want to be more clued into what the students want,” Terry said.

A suggestion box or an informational bulletin board is expected to be set out soon for just this reason.

“We also encourage students to become an ‘at large member,’ as our SGA meetings are open to the public. People can come to meetings at their convenience and still have a say in the political process here on campus,” Terry said.

College Court and Congress are not open to the public because of privacy and disciplinary issues, she said.

Another avenue for contacting the SGA is via the Castleton Web site, where a simple search for “SGA” leads to resources including how to contact a representative and even the College Constitution.

    Despite current economic challenges, Terry seems confident in the SGA’s ability to make change a real thing at CSC, and said  “in accomplishing anything, there are a lot of processes and people to satisfy. But on the upside, CSC is really great about actually putting in the effort.”   

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