Three seasons and three goals accomplished for Werner, softball

Emotions ran high last week, when coach John Werner announced his resignation as head coach to the Spartans softball team, after three years of service. “I am sad and disappointed that he is leaving, but we all understand his reasoning,” sophomore pitcher Taylor Lively said.

Junior Hannah Greene was also disappointed in the news of Werner.

“It really sucks going into your senior year knowing your coach that you’ve had all three years of college isn’t going to be there,” Greene said.

Werner is currently the Castleton men’s soccer head coach, and is remaining at that position.

“It’s very difficult to coach two sports. You have to recruit players for both teams and it makes it a lot to handle,” Werner said.

When he originally was asked to be the softball coach, Werner knew he would only be coach for three years. During those years, he wanted to accomplish three major goals. The first, to recruit good players.

“Recruiting good players is really what makes a team come together,” Werner said.

The second goal was to establish a Southern trip for the team, which he accomplished. Last year, the team traveled to Florida for several games, and this year it went to Virginia for a tournament.

His last goal was to turn the softball program into a positive program that people want to be a part of.

“In my three years of coaching, I feel I have accomplished all my goals. I knew I was only going to do three years, I’m just glad I got every done that I felt was needed to be done,” said Werner. “I have gone as far as I can.”

He currently has one grandson who lives in England and wishes to be able to travel more to see him.

However, Werner wanted the girls to know he cared about them.

“I made sure the girls knew that I was only changing my role of being their head coach to being their biggest fan,” said Werner. “I am going to miss my 18 daughters, they’re all just great kids.”

And his team knew exactly that.

“We know he will still be there to support us like he has the past,” Lively said.

“When I transferred here last winter, I started right when softball pre-season had started. Coach Werner made it very easy to feel like a part of this team,” said sophomore Mercedes Maltbie. “He will truly be missed.

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