Nationall Anthem slip up

At Super Bowl XLV, millions of viewers witnessed a failed singing of our National Anthem. Christian Aguilera skipped the verse “For the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming” and moved directly on with the song.”Something’s wrong with that,” Castleton State College music professor Glen Giles said during a recent interview.

And even beyond the flub, Giles said he didn’t like the version. He said he didn’t agree with how she approached the song. Giles mainly prefers the original format of the song, which has a quick tempo.

Isaac French, a Castleton choir singer who has performed the Anthem numerous times, had a tip to give Aguilera:

“Put emotion in everything,” he said.

Like Giles, French agrees that the song wasn’t sung the right way. French stated that the Aguilera changed the melody, which made her sound worse. And some of the notes were not in key, he added.

But most students on campus didn’t seem to catch the mistake during the anthem.

Many said they didn’t hear the mistake until it was on the news the following day.

But like Giles and French, there were some who spotted the mistake right away and said her performance was one of the worst they’ve heard.

French said Whitney Houston’s performance is still best in his mind.

“It gives me goose bumps,” he said.

Castleton freshman Kaleb Gohkle said that one of his favorite National Anthem versions was sung by Kelly Clarkson at a Yankees-Rays baseball game.

“She has an angelic singing voice,” he said.

When French was told that most students didn’t even hear Aguilera’s goof, he wasn’t surprised.

But Giles was.

He talked about how disappointing it was that students don’t know their own National Anthem.

“It bothers me,” he said.

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