Lining up for a new addition at Huden

People are always complaining about the cafeteria food not being too tasty, but a recent installment has Castleton students salivating. Pour, shut, flip and wait two minutes to hear a continuous beep to let you know your gigantic waffle is ready. A wide range of toppings on the side including ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream unfortunately causes the line to grow and leave some students impatiently waiting near the end. But it’s worth it, they all agree.

“It’s so busy, you really don’t wanna stand behind 15 people,” said Freshmen Brendon O’Leary. “That’s the only big problem.”

Aside from the wait, which led to suggestions that more waffle makers are needed, the warm smell of waffles and the sugary syrup has led to only positive feedback.

“The coffee house should be the waffle house!” said freshmen Alec Alspach laughing.

Alspach said he enjoys the fact that the waffles are available for “24-7 service,” so no matter what time of day you can always make one.

“If you don’t like the hot meal, you get pizza… if you don’t want pizza now you have another option,” said O’Leary.

Sophomore Kyle Bannon said he too likes how it gives people more options. And like many other students, he said the waffles are better than most food at Huden.

But not all students are happy about waffle mania going on at Huden.

“Of course they got something cool when I don’t have a meal plan,” said junior Jessica Lawrenson, who now lives off campus.

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