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With May approaching quickly, Castleton seniors are anxious to put on their regalia and grab their degrees. But what awaits them once they leave? Judith Carruthers, Director of Career Development, helps students find the answer on a daily basis. “I don’t have time to keep records that’s how many students have showed up to see me,” said Carruthers. “Last year I served 950 students so this year it’s probably about the same.”

Castleton students have a variety of options to assist them while they are looking for jobs or thinking about attending graduate school. According to Carruthers, many of the tools a student needs to succeed can be found on the career development web site, including social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

“People aren’t used to marketing themselves, but most of the students here have so much to put on their resumes and employers are looking for all of that,” she said.

Some students like Tiffany Briggs aren’t ready to leave yet just yet, though.

“I am going back to get a degree in secondary education,” said Briggs, a senior Math major. “Since there is no longer an Act II program I am continuing with the new education program and all I will have left is student teaching.”

Briggs said that professors in the education and math departments are very instrumental in helping students look for job opportunities, so she will not be worried when the time comes.

Others have already found work.

Kelley Ballentine, a senior and Nursing major, currently works for Bayada Nurses. For her, graduation will serve as a day off from her regular schedule.

“I am going to continue on the career path that I’m on,” she said. “I’m looking into an administrative position in the health care field.”

Like Briggs, Ballentine also has plans to further her education by getting a second degree in health science.

Ashleigh McDonough, a 2010 graduate of Castleton, said she still hasn’t landed a fulltime job yet, but she is hopeful there is something out there for her.

“Since graduation I’ve been substitute teaching in many of the local elementary schools and I was a long-term substitute at Rutland Northeast, the school that I student taught at for six weeks,” she said.

McDonough also said that keeping in touch with professors in the education department has been very helpful.

“If you are graduating this year, start to get your name out there so potential employers know that you are interested. It may take a while before you find a job, but don’t give up,” she said.

Many students who were still on the fence about life after Castleton attended the career fair, which took place in the Glenbrook Gym yesterday.

According to Carruthers, it was the first career fair that has filled the gym in almost three years.

If you missed the career fair and are interested in seeking help, you can still visit with Carruthers. She has open clinics for the rest of the academic year

“I want you to come and see me, I want to see your resume, how you talk, what you’re going to wear,” she said. “Come and talk to me about getting real life contacts.

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