I’m an Ophi…what?

It’s 2011. Do you know what your sign is?The New Year is here, and so is a new change in our astrological chart.

Astrologists around the world were excited to hear the news that a new constellation of stars was found in the night sky. They have called this constellation Ophiuchus, from the Greek ????????, meaning “serpent-bearer,” and it is represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens, according to an article inTime.com.

College professor Parke Kunkle, of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, says that the constellation was always there, it just wasn’t in the same viewable position.

“Ophiuchus has been a constellation for years and it just gets left out,” Kunkle said.

Because of this astrological find, astrologers had to make room in the astrological chart to compensate for the new sign. This compensation caused a shift in signs that has brought much confusion throughout the world.

People are confused why they have to switch signs because of this.

If you just so happen to be a Pisces, then you will probably be surprised to hear that you are now an Aquarius. But there are people out there who are a little skeptical about the change.

“What?” Castleton Alumni Kim Stone said when told she was now a Sagittarius. “I am, and always will be a Capricorn. I don’t care what they say.”

The sudden change in the astrological sign chart that so many people have been following for years has also been affecting the mood of professional astronomers in negative ways.

“I am too snobbish an astrologer to even bother to look at the new system,” astrologist Annette Larson from Rutland says. “The way I see it, we’ve been using the same 12 zodiacal signs for several thousand years, long enough for our collective unconscious to get thoroughly imprinted, so inventing a new sign is totally irrelevant to me.”

A poll, released by Quizilla.com, revealed that not too many people like the change. The poll explains that 50 percent, of 87 people interviewed said “No way!” to the new sign. Only 16 percent of those 87 people said that “change is good” and that they don’t mind the change.

Amanda Thompson, of Wallingford, is one of those who does not mind a little astrological change.

“Why not add another month to compensate for the new sign?” she said giggling. “Another month during summer would be nice.

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