Student’s work finds new home in Rutland

Seven Castleton students will soon have their artwork displayed as part of a permanent exhibit in the Bagley Lobby, located above the Paramount Theatre in Rutland.”The Bagleys approached me about one year ago with the idea that they wanted to do an art instillation in the space to support artists at Castleton,” said Eric Mallette, programming director at the Paramount. “They had already purchased different pieces as part of a permanent exhibit.”

The Bagley Lobby was established in 2005 and named after Fred Bagley, a former volunteer on the Paramount Board and longtime Castleton advocate.

“Fred and his wife Jennifer are huge supporters of the Paramount and huge supporters of Castleton,” said Mallette.

The Bagleys purchased artwork from seven different Castleton students, all of which will be included in the display.

Jennifer Bagley, a former employee at the college, said that it was Evan Romeo, a 2010 graduate of Castleton, who sparked the idea to begin purchasing student artwork.

After attending Romeo’s senior art show, the Bagleys were so impressed by his self-portrait made on a recycled light fixture that they offered to purchase the piece. This was the first piece acquired for the display.

Castleton students, Kyle LaPine, Susannah Colburn, Henry Ireland, Sarah McMillen, Cherie Pfeiffer and Rachel Spitzer also had work purchased by the Bagleys to be featured in the exhibit.

All seven pieces will be donated to the Paramount on Wednesday, March 16.

“It will really enhance that room and it’s a win-win for Castleton and the Paramount,” said Jennifer Bagley. “It will give Castleton a visible presence in town and my husband and I knew that was something that your president has been trying to accomplish.”

The Bagley’s will install the artwork in the space later this week.

After the display opens next Wednesday, Mallete said that it will be viewable by the public at “any and all main stage events” held at the Paramount.

“It’s all about putting people in a new place, making people go to another place that they may not be familiar with,” said Bagley of the art display being in Rutland.

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