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Last review I talked about a game that is physically exhausting and played with a controller. This time, I’m talking about a game that is physically exhausting and played with your body. ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’ is the current front runner in the Kinect-based fitness games, and it’s easy to see why. The game starts off very stylishly, showcasing its modern menus and nifty features, such as a real image of yourself being your on-screen representation. The entire atmosphere of the game is very mellow and I feel like the designers drew a lot of inspiration from the visual themes of Mirror’s Edge; everything is very shiny and clean. The screen is pleasant to look at, which is critical to a game like this.

The core concepts are basic enough; match the motions of the trainer on the screen to complete the given series of exercises in cardio, toning, or the particularly interesting Zen mode. Each one has unique exercises designed to get your heart pumping, tone your muscles, or calm you down, respectively. The activities are well-suited to their desired effect and you can definitely feel the burn after a series of personalized training exercises.

Aside from the main workouts, there are mini games you can play with friends. These include a silly Simon Says type game, a hula-hoop workout, a balance game and my personal favorite – block breaker, which has you punching light-up blocks to achieve a high score. There isn’t much variety and once you unlock all the difficulties they can grow old, but I hear there is a lot of planned DLC upcoming for this game-three batches of which have already been released, which may provide more longevity.

While on the topic of grievances, some of the criteria you must meet to qualify as successfully completing a move is arbitrary. In one case I had to do quick dodges and a squat in between and the game was telling me my feet weren’t wide enough. By the end, my stance was absurdly wide, taking up almost the entire play space box, and it still told me my stance was too narrow. I almost fell over after the last dodge, right before the woman told me to “Widen your stance next time!”

Aside from that, some minor registration issues are going to be your only setback. The good thing is, even if for some reason the game doesn’t pick up what you’re doing and you’re completing the move correctly, you’re still getting a good workout.

I would recommend this game to anyone. Whether you’re an athlete and are looking for a fun way to work out at home or you’re someone who wants motivation to get in shape to start with, there’s something here for you. The appealing $50 price tag should be more than enough reason for any Kinect owner to hop on this game.

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