Castleton bids farewell to Allen

Following Bill Allen’s appointment as vice president for enrollment management at North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, N.C., Castleton State College’s longtime dean of administration is leaving the Northeast.Originally from the south, it is only fitting that after 11 years of harsh winters he might consider moving closer to his warmer roots.

“My wife was born in Mississippi and grew up in Virginia. I, too, lived in Virginia. We always thought we’d go back,” he said when asked about the change. “It’s hard, and I’m sorry to not be involved with all of the great changes here on Castleton’s campus, but it’s time.”

Allen’s work on the campus has proven tremendous. Of all the accomplishments, choosing one that trumps all else proved a challenge.

“For me,” says Allen, “just helping to grow enrollment here, as well as stabilizing the financial aspects of the community. I am at very least leaving satisfied with the stable state of things.”

Colleague Sue Gernhardt, who shares an office with Allen, said it’s tough to see him leave.

“Of course, I wish he was just staying. He’s done a great deal for the campus and it’s sad to see him go,” she said.

Without seeming too sentimental, Allen named the people at CSC as what he’ll miss most.

“These are good people with a great community spirit. I’ve been very close with some of my colleagues, the students and staff and that’s always hard to leave. But, the community I am entering into has very much the same forward moving spirit and I am excited for that,” he said.

As for who will replace Allen, it is so far undecided. Although he has offered his support in the form of guidance, he has taken no part in the underlying decision.

“It’s really a decision to be made by the people who will continue this community, however, whoever gains the position should know that I am still available for any sort of guidance necessary,” he said.

In an e-mail confirming this news, CSC President Dave Wolk spoke highly of Allen.

“He has been a good boss, colleague, and friend. His advice to me has been invaluable and I will miss him very much,” he wrote in the e-mail.

With his list of contributions and achievements, it’s hard to say who won’t miss his active role in this community.

Although North Carolina offers less snow and a longer camping season, Allen marks his leaving with a tinge of sadness.

“It’s bittersweet. There is a lot to miss by not being here at CSC, but also a lot of excitement in starting somewhere new. With a new president there and a new development committee, there is a lot of potential and renewed mentality of growth,” he said.

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