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Facebook users have been inviting us into their personal lives since the site hit the Web in February of 2004. No secret is too big to post. Especially when it comes to the one thing everyone is dying to know about, your love life.The Urban Dictionary defines a relationship as “the ability to put up with someone else’s bullshit, usually of the opposite sex, for a long period of time.”

“OMG! Did you hear Melissa dumped Greg,” one friend wrote on another’s wall.

This prompted several responses from other users who were eager to hear the details.

“No way. What? Why?” posted another friend.

Of course after being sucked into the love triangle you just have to look at Melissa and Greg’s page. Greg is now single, according to his most recent update with an icon of a tiny red heart next to it.

“Dude sorry bro,” wrote one user.

Ten more similar comments followed below.

For this Facebook couple, six years of each other’s “bullshit” proved to be too much.

But what about those struggling to keep the spark alive?

Courtney has changed her relationship status to it’s complicated.

“Nothing worth anything is ever easy,” read her status pertaining to a troubled marriage.

“You two will get through it,” responded one friend.

“Don’t throw your life away.both of you don’t give up so easy.some things are worth working on,” wrote another.

For others, enduring their partners “bullshit” is just part of the package.

Ashley is engaged. Posted 42 minutes ago.

“Congrats sweetie! The ring is beautiful!” commented one friend.

“Post some pics of the ring.I want to see,” said another.

This relationship change was particularly enticing because the couple has only been dating for five months. And although surprised, users were happy for them, giving this post 14 likes.

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