Germs: they’re everywhere

“I’ve had this cough for three weeks,” the cashier said as she hacked and coughed and contaminated the counter around her.”I went to the doctor. They say its just allergies,” she said as grabbed my apples with the hand she had just used to collect all the germs that exploded from her mouth. She pulls a shiny red apple from the thin plastic bag that was protecting it from her infectious virus.


“Empire,” I respond, cringing as she exhales all over it.

My poor apple. It is now coated with disease.

“Right. Well I’ve never had allergies like this.”

Cough. Hack. Cough.

There go my bananas.

“That’s too bad.”

“I’m getting better though I think.” Cough. Hack. Cough.

Germs. They’re everywhere. All over doorknobs, desks, bananas. There’s no way to escape them unless you want to avoid people completely and not touch anything another human being has touch. Have fun in your bubble.

For the rest of us who can’t hibernate in a bubble, our best defense is the simple tried and true trick: wash your hands. And if you can’t get to a sink very often antibacterial hand lotion is just as effective.

“Recent studies have found no difference in the effectiveness of alcohol-based gels, antibacterial soaps or plain soap and water,” writes Chris Gajilan in his Time magazine article How Not to Get Sick This Winter.

Keeping up with your regular workout and sleep schedule is another way to keep your immune system in top shape, according to Gajilan. Winter’s the worst time for colds because people are inside more and workout less.

The best defense is keeping yourself healthy so you can fight off the germs that will inevitably come your way.

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