Flubberbuster’s a complete bust

Of all of the crowded, under organized, and unpleasant experiences I’ve had, Flubberbuster’s on the Friday before Halloween makes top three in my book. Although I appreciate the amount of planning that goes on to try to provide shuttle buses to and from the bar, this year was a complete sham. Not only were there not enough people in charge TAKING CHARGE, but the overly drunk and stupid student body attracted police attention more than once. Understandably, the folks present were all inebriated, but how difficult is it to form a line and stay out of the road? Even children with second grade attention spans can manage that! What needed to happen was either a) clearly identifiable people in charge actually attempting crowd control or b) police presence to keep the mob in check.

What’s almost worse is that when the bus did finally arrive (about twenty minutes later than advertised), there was a mad dash to the door, which, come to find out, caused the hydraulic door of the shuttle bus to brake. Pushing and shoving ensued without any sense of order and when sitting was down finally possible, the door had to be held shut!

Upon arriving to Flubs, the wait was unbearably cold and more heaving proceeded! The bar was over capacity and there was a sense of complete chaos in the line. Every time the door opened to let a few people out and even fewer people in, I could literally feel the pressure of seventy plus people pushing at my back.

The moral of the story: if you are looking for a good time next Halloween, either find your own ride to Flubs and plan to go early or don’t go at all.

I know I for one will opt for the later option.

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