Book Review- Love Chase

It’s a story you’ve probably heard before. The king wants the prince to get married, so the prince runs away from home. But what if he wasn’t just a prince, but the demon prince? And what if all he wanted was a normal life in the human world? The comic book series Mad Love Chase by Kazusa Takashima is one such story.Kaito, prince of the demon realm, runs away on the day he is to be married. His father immediately sends three demons after him, to catch him and bring him back. The only way that they will know it is him is by the mark on his back, since he would have disguised himself. The problem? Er…problems? Of the three demons sent to find Kaito, one is a womanizing vampire, one is an anti-social werewolf and the third is a huge…person, who, while usually fairly easy to scare, when his temper snaps he is almost unstoppable.

Meanwhile, not knowing who is looking for him or how close they are, Kaito enters high school under the name of Kujou Yamato. When they entered the human world, his pet cat, Rebun, turned into a human, and now she is the school nurse. And at school…the school janitor is always trying to flirt with Rebun, and Yamato’s best friend is an abnormally huge kid. And you can’t forget the anti-social boy who sleeps on the roof and throws knives at the people who interrupt his nap.

This series is hilarious. The reason it seems like a typical storyline at first is the whole ‘prince running away to escape an arranged marriage’ sort of thing. After that, it is its own unique story.

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