A night to remember forever

Last year was hectic with a boyfriend & busy work schedule and I couldn’t make it out for Halloween. This year was going to be different; I was going to make it fun and special. The night started out early with about fifteen friends over at my apartment to hang out. We got ready for Flubs, played water pong, and just chilled. At about 9:30, we decided to head to Castleton to meet up with some friends and start the real festivities.

We stayed there for about two hours and then started our walk to 11 Main to catch the bus to Flubs. The walk was with a lot of friends, so it was hilarious and enjoyable. I guess you could say the group I was with was lucky because we only waited about five minutes for the bus and we got right on. One of my friends and I actually got to sit in the passenger seat because we knew the bus driver, what luck.

When we got to Flubbs me and a friend pushed our way to the front and got in within five minutes. Once we were, in the real fun began. We danced with cute boys, saw and hung out with old/new friends, and just enjoyed the night. We stayed until four in the morning when the bar was closing. We got a ride home and reminisced about how great the night was.

I guess all you needed to have a great time was great friends, and positive attitude

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