Tips to keep going even when you don’t want to

Repetition is success when it comes to fitness. The more ‘reps’ you can do the better. The more days you repeatedly go to the gym the better. Right foot, Left foot, Right foot, left foot. Repeat. It’s as simple as that keep going and going like a little Energizer bunny and you will see results. We all know it. But, God is it boring.

And there are times when you just don’t want to keep going and going.Especially, when the weather gets cooler. Motivation is a fair weather creature. Cold weather equals cozy slippers, being lost under a pile of warm blanket and steaming mugs of hot coco. Working out doesn’t exactly come to mind.

Keeping up with an exercise plan is always difficult but it’s even harder when the weather is less than ideal. But one way to trick yourself into keeping up the motivation is the “keep it fresh,” according to Heather Hawkins a Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach who writes a blog for

Hawkins suggests trying a fitness DVD if your workout is getting tedious. Or if you just can’t get yourself out of the house.

Workout without going out.

Another tip: switch up your routine. If your work out in the morning try the afternoon. “Putting your workout in a “different light” can change your mindset,” Hawkins said.

Variety can get you motivated but little treats can be incentive. Nothing sweets, sorry. Hawkins suggests adding a few new tunes to your iPod. New songs can reinvigorate your workout and keep you going longer.

It’s hard to keep up with hard work but with these tricks it might be doable. And when you’re done get some coco, hit the couch and pile on the blankets guilt free.

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