Live the Music

While I realize that this blog is titled “Live the Music,” I’m going to be approaching that a little differently this week.I definitely did “live the music,” just not in the way that most would expect.

At the Castleton Club Hockey team’s opening game against UVM there was all kinds of music.

It started off with crazy techno beats as the two teams began to warm up. Not that pounding bass, clear treble techno that you hear in most college dorm rooms Thursday through Sunday. It was more of a muffled, echo-y jumble of techno that was just clear enough to be able to tell it was techno.

Next in line was the National Anthem. I don’t know who sang it because the announcers didn’t tell us, but this girl had a voice. She belted out that anthem like there was no tomorrow, and she did it quite well.

Finally, it was game time. And what a game it was

Both UVM and CSC came out flying in the first five minutes. Number 11 on CSC, Nate Sanborn, even had a huge hit. However, it seemed like after that first five minutes, CSC lost their chemistry.

It was a muffled, echo-y sound that blared from the speakers after UVM got their first goal. It sounded a little like Three Doors Down, or Creed, or Nickleback. It was definitely one of the three. or whatever collaboration band those three might take part in. Point is, it wasn’t anything worth remembering.

Good thing I didn’t have to remember it because I’d be hearing it again.

Fifteen times. Use words for numbers when you start a sentence with them

Each more agonizingly angering than the last.

That’s how many goals UVM got against us throughout the game. We did get one goal, though, and UVM was legitimately pissed that we did. It was a moment to be treasured, not only because we got our only goal of the game, but because for once it was a break from that song snippet we’d heard 11 times already.

The club team isn’t entirely to blame though, due to the fact that they were short on practice band were playing a division 1 school. Their first official game was supposed to be three weeks later.

Regardless, by the end of the night, taking into account the music played during intermissions, I’d pretty much heard an entire concerts worth of music, without actually going to a concert.

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