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An entire week off, seven whole days to do whatever you please. No class. No waking up early to sit in a desk that’s too small for you. No note taking that leaves your hands aching with writer’s cramp. Some say a week isn’t enough, but with the first break of the school year quickly approaching no one seems to be complaining. Well, not about the vacation part.With plans to head home and be stress free, Castleton Facebooker’s fear they might not survive the week before break. The only thing stopping them from their first week of freedom since August, it’s every college student’s worst nightmare. Piles of homework and midterm exams.

“The more homework I receive…the less I want to do,” said one friend.

For college users, this status was easy to relate too.

“The more I get the more I put it off,” replied one friend.

“Funny how that happens isn’t it?” said another.

The anticipation of Friday afternoon is just too much for some users.

“It’s going to be a long week, at least I’m leaving on Thursday,” said one friend.

“What! How!? Are you taking the exam early?” commented one friend who is in a Friday morning class with this user.

“Yes ma’am,” she replied back.

Another friend who was jealous about this user’s early start to vacation added “no fair” to the long list of comments.

With many exams starting bright and early Monday morning, one Castleton user spent their entire Sunday preparing.

“Studying allll day….” a friend posted at 10:04 a.m.

“Exams ruin my life,” commented one user.

“I’d hit the dislike button but there ain’t one,” added a friend.’

So, if you can survive five more days of class, or for some users four, you will have officially made it to the first landmark on the 2010-2011 academic calendars. Plus look on the bright side, all of your friends who chose to go to those “big schools,” they probably don’t have break until it’s time to roll out the turkey.

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