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I think I survived the week. I mean, I’m still alive. However ungracefully I made it to Friday. The point is I still made it. Sunday mornings were made for recovering from the Saturday before, and I planned on doing just that two weeks ago, getting some cleaning done and catching up on work I needed to do. I find it funny how whenever I try to be organized or do my work, like a developing, responsible student should, some twist of fate messes with me. In this case that devious hand of fate was on the lever of a toilet.The porcelain gods were not on my side that day. They must have needed a sacrifice, like in old Greek mythology or something. I watched as my keys flew out of my hand, taken victim by communal bathroom plumbing. Maybe I didn’t pray enough to the porcelain gods as much as some of my other friends have, but for whatever reason they decided to take my keys, student ID. and the USB stick with all of the work that I had done at school on it. And now I realize the importance of backing up files.

I needed this vacation week, if you can call it that. Well, yeah it was a good break, I mean I got to see my boyfriend and our friends I spent time with my family, and slept in my own bed. I did have to work over break, but hell, who’s going to argue with some change in my pocket for once. Sadly enough, vacation had to come to an end. And the beginning of hockey season awaited me back at school. Hockey season has been on my mind since I got here, and all of the infamous morning workouts with Al are paying off.

Although hockey season is right around the corner, I found my return a little bit less than welcoming. Everywhere I went another story about how hard this vacation was and another life crisis was popping up. It was spreading like the plague. I wanted to do what I could to help. But I guess homemade cookies just don’t do the trick anymore. All of this was taking its toll on me.

Recently my mother had to go to the hospital for surgery, and not more than a day after, she had to return. Though I am not exactly too sure what I believe in, I do know that I love my family very much, and I prayed so much you would have thought I was a nun at Sunday mass. I tried not to let too many people know, but I sort of wish they did. I didn’t want to compete for sympathy with others who I knew needed some, but at the same time I wish I had a shoulder to lean on, or somebody to put their arm around me.

One person told me something very smart, which is that I needed to take care of myself first and focus on me, instead of what everyone else needed for once. I know that they are right.

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