Drunken kids hassle Wolk

The homecoming football game at Castleton allowed for an unexpected event this year when a conflict broke out between three young men and President Dave Wolk on Oct. 9 around 1 p.m.According to Director of Public Safety Bob Godlewski, the dispute began after several fans told Wolk that there was an “unruly bunch of fans.”

Wolk politely asked the three men to leave, yet they proceeded to give him a hard time. When he asked to see inside their backpack to check for alcohol, they refused to let him. and He promptly guided them to the exit, Godlewski said.

“President Wolk called to me and said ‘Tyler get this kid.’ As he did, [the kid] broke free, and I chased after him and restrained him on the ground. He told me he could not breath and he was about to throw up, so I told him I would let him up slowly,” said sophomore public safety officer Tyler Duczeminski. “As he got up, he swung at me, and in blocking the punch, I lost him. I chased after him, catching him at the rail trail, and kept him subdued until Chief of Police Bruce Sherwin came to cuff him.”

While Duczeminski restrained one person, another student officer, sophomore Zak Mayo, controlled the other.

“The kid was tripping all over himself in front of the stadium,” said Mayo. “I noticed his eyes were scanning the area and that he saw there was a little area where he could get away. He then tried to run, plowed into me, and I fell and hit my head on one of the benches.”

As Mayo, fell he sliced his head open, resulting in nine stitches and a neck brace for his sprained neck. He received workmen’s compensation, which covered all of his medical expenses.

“The thing that upsets me most is not that I got hit in the head, but that they did this in front of families and children. These kids now have this image of CSC or football, and they might associate what happened with college or who they look up to. And it was all because of stupid alcohol.”

The three young men included only one Castleton student, Tyler Pelletier. The other two were his brother and a friend.

According to Godlewski, the three men were all highly intoxicated and blew “well above .20,” but he was unable to share the exact numbers.

“The athletic dept. staff does a good job [at monitoring drinking at the game,] but these kids got through,” said Godlewski. “The lines were long, and they got through without being detected that they were intoxicated. It just tells us we have to watch closer in regards to these students and not allow them in the stadium.”

According to Mayo, there have been charges pressed against the three men. However, the formal results are not available at this time.

It has been confirmed that Tyler Pelletier no longer attends Castleton.

Although Wolk did not want to provide an extensive comment on the situation, he did want to compliment Castleton Public Safety for its swift response to the situation.

“This was the first time since I arrived at Castleton in 2001 that we have had such an incident, and I hope it’s the last,” said Wolk.

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