Bartending for a good cause

The air is filled with the chatter of people, the clanking of glasses and the smell of chicken wings. It seems like a typical Wednesday night for the Iron Lantern. But it isn’t a typical night. The restaurant has a special guest bartender, Castleton president Dave Wolk.Wolk was on hand to help raise money for students from the music department to go to Italy to perform. All of his tips went to the cause.

“What other college president in the world would do this,” asked Justin Garritt while sipping his long island iced tea.

A long island iced tea was the strangest drink that Wolk had to make because of all of the ingredients he said. Wolk did bartend about 40 years ago while he was in college, but even with the experience, Wolk didn’t know how to make a Jagerbomb, something that was in high demand, because they did not have them when he was a bartender. He did learn quick, though, and made more during the night.

All together Wolk made around $400 for the trip that costs $3,500 per student for all 20 students going, according to music professor Sherrill Blodget.

This fundraiser was started when Wolk was approached by Dave Forster, the owner of the Iron Lantern, to be a guest bartender. Wolk told Forster that he would only do it if his tips could go to a good cause, according to Forster.

Students and faculty enjoyed having Wolk making their drinks.

“I love having President Wolk wait on me,” said Lori Phillips, director of campus events.

“He’s the man,” said Garritt.

Even Wolk enjoyed himself, despite the amount of work.

“My favorite part was just being with the students,” said Wolk while taking time from his dinner and Doublebag to chat.

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