Students bring Degas into the bathroom

With a little help from the Student Government Association, the Art Students League has painted a mural in the upstairs women’s restroom in the Campus Center based on Degas’ Four Dancers.Eight hardworking students worked six straight days on this project and even gave up a lot of their leisure time to contribute to the project. The eight students include Emily Englehardt, Cherie Pfeiffer, Whitney Ramage, Wyatt Aloisio, Tom Hutner, Kyle LaPine, Todd Houston, Rachel Spitzer and Jamis Lott.

When it came to deciding what image to paint in the restroom, the Arts Students League had to first consider what would compliment the men’s bathroom mural the best.

According to League Treasurer Cherie Pfeiffer, the men’s mural had a very masculine feel. It had many warm colors and hard lines. Since it was inspired by Van Gogh, they decided to go with a more feminine impressionist, like Degas. They ordered their materials and got right to work.

Pfeiffer was very eager to get started on this project.

“I’ve always really enjoyed making murals, so I was really excited when presented with this opportunity,” Pfeiffer said.

Todd Houston, who worked on the project, thinks that it is essential for students to give back to their college community.

“I think it was important to make a lasting contribution to the college,” Houston said.

League President Emily Englehardt echoed Houston’s response.

“As a group we decided to take the project on. It was a good opportunity to get the club involved in the college community,” Englehardt said.

He said the group of students started the mural on a Wednesday night and finished on the following Monday night. She said she spent most of Thursday in the restroom painting and any other times she could make it to help out with the mural she did.

Englehardt was very pleased with the final project. She thought that the few students who worked on the mural really came together in just a few days to get it done. She also enjoys the final placement of the figures in the mural.

“It looks as though they are getting ready in front of the mirror,” she said. “I thought that in front of the mirror would be a better placement so the image is interacting with the space.”

Pfeiffer is also very satisfied with the outcome of the mural.

“I am so proud of all the work the Art Students League has put into this mural. It came out beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the product,” she said.

The next project for the Art Students League is a memorial mural for the late sculptor and professor Gary Fitzgerald. It will be in the basement of the FAC across from the sculpture studio and will be open to any student, professor or members of the public who knew him.

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