New PEG TV position filled at Castleton

With the new renovations in Leavenworth Hall, the placement and maintenance of technology was quite hectic. That was, until Castleton State College newcomer, Alex Stout, joined our staff as the Video Broadcast Technician.”In this job, I work with equipment, help students get the things they need for class or projects such as cameras, microphones and other various equipment,” explained Stout. “I work directly for the Media Department, I help keep track and fix things in the building, and I also work for PEG TV in Rutland.”

Although this is a new position, and Stout is a new staff member, this isn’t his first time dealing with this kind of pressure.

“I just graduated from Clarkson University last year, where I studied digital arts and science along with Communication. I was a double major,” said Stout. “At school, I also ran the public access television, which was run and funded completely by students, and I dealt mostly with filming and broadcasting.”

With this being a new job position, the list of duties are growing every day.

“Stuff is being slowly transferred over from where it used to be and I still have a big list of projects that need to be done,” said Stout. “I am keeping busy and still working with PEG TV, finding people to film and soon we will set up a connection between them and CSC.”

“With PEG TV, we want to have more stuff that’s happening at Castleton be seen by the public, like Soundings and other events,” said Robert Gershon, CSC Communications professor. “The new connection Alex is setting up will help get the footage to the studio without any people traveling.”

With a large to-do list, Stout is still doing his best to work on his new projects while still doing his daily duties in Leavenworth Hall.

“People use Leavenworth a lot and it really needed to be updated,” said Thomas Conroy, CSC Communications professor. “With Alex now on staff, there is a confidence when you go into a classroom that things have been fixed and there is help close by in case there is a technological glitch.”

But not every academic building will get the technological services that Stout specializes in.

“The equipment he has is all just Communication property,” said Karen Sanborn, Coordinator of Media Services. ” He is a first responder for technical issues in that building, and his closeness will help in the building.”

With this new addition to the building, a lot of people are feeling relief as a result to Stout’s new position.

“This is absolutely helpful,” said Conroy. “We use a lot of technology and encourage students to use it as well, so this is incredibly helpful.

“His time is dedicated more to the TV studio and the Communication classes than it was before,” said Gershon. “He is making my life a lot easier and he is doing more than previous people had time to do. He has already made Leavenworth easier to teach in.

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