Book Review- Dealing With Dragons

Princess lessons include dancing, embroidery, and when to scream while being kidnapped by a giant. Princess Cimorene is more interested in learning fencing, magic, and how to make cherries jubilee. Fed up with her father cancelling the lessons she wants, which are ‘improper’ for a princess, Cimorene runs away. On the advice of a talking frog, she goes to the dragons. Dragons almost always have princesses to cook and clean for them, and Cimorene thinks that this will be much more interesting than embroidery. She moves in with the dragon Kazul, and begins a much more exciting life than the one that she had been leading. Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede is an interesting fantasy story. The first in a series of four books known as the Enchanted Forest Chronicles the book introduces the character of Cimorene, the princess who believes that princess-like duties are boring. She becomes the first princess in the history of the dragons to volunteer to be a ‘captured’ princess. Well written, Dealing with Dragons is a relatively quick-and funny-read. While the story is geared towards pre-teens or slightly younger, it is a series that, while reading, you do not have to think too hard. Instead, you can just enjoy the story.

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