Annual Scorpion Bowl excites campus

We are coming to the end of April, which only means one thing to the Castleton State College rugby community: Scorpion Bowl.Although Scorpion Bowl is a well known tournament for local rugby teams, not everyone at CSC knows exactly what it is.

“Scorpion Bowl is an annual tournament that the men’s and women’s rugby club hosts for our alumni and other schools,” said Meg Daly, CSC sophomore and women’s rugby president.

Not only is this event a good way for the current and former players to bond with each other, but it’s an event to get to know the teams from neighboring schools as well.

“The tournament is an all day event that goes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.” said Chris Nichols, CSC Junior and Men’s Rugby Match Secretary. “Not only will our alumni players be attending, but there are teams coming from Middlebury, Green Mountain, and Bennington too.”

Although rugby is an unknown confusing sport to many, this event isn’t only for people that have a knowledge or skill for the sport.

“Scorpion Bowl is a fun way for students to be introduced to rugby,” said Daly. “Not only will they be cheering on their friends, but they’ll enjoy the sunshine and good atmosphere a Rugby tournament promotes. It’s an exciting way to document your time at Castleton.”

“It’s a really fun event. Not many people have ever seen a rugby match before and it’s a good way to get more people at school involved,” said Mark Manjuck, CSC sophomore and men’s rugby vice-president. “This is a really intense game. Even if you don’t know exactly what’s going on, it’s pretty fun just to go out there and watch people get hit hard.”

For the people who don’t have a particular interest in the game, there are still plenty of ways to show your support for the team.

“We are having a grab bag raffle at the tournament,” said Manjuck. “There will also be t-shirts, sweatshirts and bumper stickers for sale, which all go to support our teams for our future seasons.”

For many rugby players, this isn’t just a way to display their talents on the rugby pitch. Instead it’s a way to celebrate what the sport is about.

“Rugby is a kick ass sport,” said Brooke Choiniere, CSC junior and women’s rugby treasurer. “This is a great chance to experience the rugby culture and know what this team and this sport are all about.”

The Scorpion Bowl tournament will be held at Bowen Field on Route 4A on Saturday, April 24.

“We really need people to come out and support us,” said Choiniere. “We are sort of neglected as a sport and it is a great way for people to come see what we do. The more support we get from the spectators, the more motivation we’ll have to play better.

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