A promise kept

Although it has been many months since President Obama’s 2008 Campaign he has fulfilled a promise he had made: granting same-sex partner’s full visitation rights to loved ones in all federally-subsidized hospitals. Not only does this allow visitation rights but it also puts same-sex domestic partners at the head of the ‘next-of-kin’ rule, or legal surrogate. This grants gays and lesbians the right to consult the fate of their loved ones, or the right to decide it in more drastic circumstances.Living in a socially progressive state such as Vermont we may not see the gravity of this decision and it may appear as a social ‘no-brainer’ considering we’re among only 5 US states that allow and recognize same-sex marriage. We don’t see the lack of rights other’s have and yet among all the issues, the cleansing of the environment, our international warfare, our economy, the President made a decision, better yet, made impending law, that will legitimately better the wellbeing of the nation’s most important asset: its people.

“There are few moments in our lives that call for greater compassion and companionship than when a loved one is admitted to the hospital,” read President Obama’s Thursday memo, “Yet every day, all across America, patients are denied the kindnesses and caring of a loved one at their sides.”

The mandate went out among praise nationwide while mainstream conservative groups made no argument or case against it. Even though it’s one of many directives’s that reforms the nation’s laws and regulations concerning gays and lesbians, it’s a great step President Obama made that equalizes rights, God given, to all Americans regardless of sexuality.

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