Wuagneux adds lots of color to WIUV

Behind 91.3’s radio booth, professor Robert Wuagneux cuts short the pre-recorded radio show four minutes to 3 p.m. and begins.”Hey, here we are, and its 91.3, it’s Tuesday afternoon, I know that was a real quick segue into The Rock Doc. It’s Tuesday, and we’re excited,” he said soothingly into the mic.

In the booth, he wears a cream and grey checkered sweater, honey humus vest, an orange and green scarf like ivy about his neck, a dark-toned Gatsby cap over a yellow bandanna and black velvet pants with matching jacket hugging his chair. The golden feather dangles from his left ear. Classic Wuagneux attire although, possibly, more conservative than other days.

Chances are you know Wuagneux from his fabled Intro to Communication class, or perhaps you’ve witnessed him jam on his guitar and sing out an assortment of rock and blues tunes at his solo gigs. Or maybe you’ve seen him walking around campus talking to every student along his path.

Wuagneux is featured as a rock and blues artist on Broadjam.com and he is also broadcast around the world on IMRadio.com. His new weekly radio show, All ‘New’ Music All Good Songs, airs on Castleton’s WIUV Tuesday’s from 3-4 p.m. and includes a plethora of stories, humor and music.

“I took Intro to COM,” Patrick Meyer said. “He’s a really good teacher. I never felt stressed or anything, it was really laid back but I learned a lot,” he continues. It was a really good class, I’m so glad I took it.”

His likeable demeanor translates well on the radio too, station officials said.

“He has this natural pattern to him, he just opens his mouth and just whatever is on his mind just comes out. All his feeling about the artist, the song, his opinions, it’s all out there,” said Myles Mickle, general manager of WIUV and Castleton senior. “We like popular music too, but it’s the stuff that people don’t necessarily hear all the time and don’t seek out, it’s nice to hear that new stuff.”

The play list for Fat Tuesday included the following names: The Students, Crease, Mongo, Iko-Iko, The Chantels, The Stereo’s, Fernando Perdomo, The Principals, The Basements, Critical Mass, “and yours truly,” Wuagneux said.

“I’ve always loved radio. My best memories of my early career are all focused around young jocks who became my friends and really went to back for me to help promote my dreams,” he said. “So this is something that I do because I’ve always wanted to, and because I’m an Indie, I know that real Indie music doesn’t get heard. So if I can do something to help them, why not now that I can?”

During the live show, an old student, Frtiz Dorigo of metal band Crease and Mongo, and colleague, Mick Fazz of punk rock band Critical Mass and The Basements, were callers. “That’s the first time I’ve had a conversation with him . in 30 years,” he said after hanging up the phone with Fazz . “When you meet people and they know you’re real, unless you’re a real card carrying scumbag, people don’t forget that. That’s just the way it is.

“You don’t forget those people. It’s all real man. ‘Cause your conversation was meaningful, you don’t waste time, they know you’re going somewhere, they know you’re real, so, lets talk about what’s real.

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