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It’s always fun playing the role of David. No one gives you the edge, the pressure is on Goliath, and you somehow come out on top in the championship games. Being David might be the best position for Castleton to be in this spring. So that is why I hereby declare a temporary mascot change for spring sports. The Castleton Spartans will now be called the Castleton Davids.The softball team has a lot of ground to make up. It lost second baseman Alicia Zraunig and pitcher Tosha Whittemore. If this team sees success in the postseason, it’ll be because it is able to fly under the radar. Being picked fourth in conference screams David for this year’s softball team. I’m seeing the Spartans pulling off an upset in the semifinals and making an appearance in the championship. I don’t see a NAC title, though.

Castleton baseball lost in heartbreaking fashion to Husson last year in the NAC title game. The preseason polls are dubbing Husson the top dogs of the NAC, leaving Castleton to play the role of David. Ken Cook will pitch three complete games and pickup nine wins this season.The team plays Husson in four games in a two-day span in late April. This is too close to the NAC tournament for my liking. Not that I want our team to lose, but the more games Husson takes in the regular season, the more I like our chances in the NAC title game.

The women’s lacrosse team will be in the NEWLA title game again, and most likely against Bridgewater, again. Marie VanDerKar will score 80 goals this year, and teammates Stephanie Paproski and Elizabeth Haggerty should get about 40 each. Bridgewater is definitely the Goliath in the NEWLA, which makes me think it’s time for Castleton to act like a David. The women’s lax team will finally win the NEWLA, you heard it here first.

The men’s lacrosse team had the misfortune of playing the role of Goliath last year and it resulted in a 25-9 loss in the NAC championship. I think beating Mount Ida in the regular season gave the Mustangs enough motivation to come up to Vermont and ruin our party. Castleton will have to play the role of Goliath for the second year in a row, but it shouldn’t deter them from hosting the NAC title again. In fact, I made a formula proving the team will get business done this year.

Mike Martinez + Spartan Stadium = NAC Title

Martinez will break 50 goals, and Jake Rick will put up at least 70 points in their final season as Spartans. I see NAC champs written all over this group.

And hey Mount Ida, meet Dave DeGhetto. This kid will be giving your offense nightmares for another couple years.

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