Some newfound cash

Finally some money! Feb. 10 was the day that some students have been dreaming of since the start of the semester.


That was the day the college handed out refund checks to those whose account has obtained a credit balance.

About 30 students waited in line at the Student Service Center for 20 minutes as more and more flocked to the growing crowd. As 2 p.m. finally arrived and checks began to be given out, another wave of students came rushing in with eager looks on their faces.

This was senior Charles Plante’s third refund. He got $2,000 last year and $3,200 this year, he said.

He was more than relieved to get a larger check this semester. Plante, like most commuting students, said he plans on paying bills and buying groceries with the extra cash.

Senior Chad Cioffi received his second ever refund and both were for $4,000. As a commuter, he said he will also be paying bills for his car, cell phone and electricity.

Even though $4,000 seems like a lot, Cioffi said “it probably won’t last long.” His hopes, however, are that some of the money can be saved to travel after graduation in May.

Like a true Vermonter, super senior Kyle Franzoni plans on buying “beer and snow pants” with his new wad of cash.

Junior Dante Renalds received his first refund check. After seeing most of his friends with thousand dollar checks, he opened his to find a disappointing $16.25. He said, “it will probably last an hour or so.”

Accounts Receivable Manager Betty Moyer has been in charge of the refund checks for the past five years, and little changes from year to year, she said.

“Every five minutes another student will come into the student service center asking for their check,” she said.

Moyer said this time of year can be quite stressful since there’s a “time crunch” to finish. She also explained how most students just assume they get a check. They say ‘my roommate got a big check so why not me?’ she said.

Checks range from $5 up to $7,000 and sometimes more, she said. Last spring there were about 800 handed out, Moyer said.

Some students receive them then come back in saying they lost the check or one student actually said his dog ate his check, Moyer said.

And some students seem to be a little too anxious, Moyer said.

In years past, students have waited in line at 12 when they don’t hand them out until 2, she said.

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