Cinco Gringos offers options

Finally, something other than pizza and sandwiches.With the Dec. 9 opening of Cinco Gringos restaurant, Hydeville and its surrounding towns can now enjoy some Mexican food.

Cinco Gringos is the vision of 23-year-old Fair Haven resident Mike Jakab.

“When I was in college, I thought it would be cool if I could get tacos delivered to my dorm room,” Jakab said.

Now his fantasy is our reality.

The idea for Cinco Gringos started a few years ago when he and his father, Mike Jakab Sr., were talking about a “hot dog cart, but for tacos.”

When Mike Sr. died before that idea became a reality, the younger Jakab began thinking bigger, like opening a Mexican restaurant.

With the help of his mother and some friends, Cinco Gringos became a reality.

“It was a huge project, and everything you see in here we did ourselves,” Jakab stated.

With the help of three other partners, the doors were open just seven months after the initial idea in May 2009.

After much brainstorming for a possible name, the group of friends came up with Cinco Gringos. The reason they chose that name was because there were originally five partners and Cingo Gringos translated means five white men.

“Originally we had five partners, but one of them left and we were left with just four of us. We wanted to keep it Cinco Gringos because it just sounded right,” said Jakab.

Jakab and his partners are not the only ones who are excited about the opening. Students say they are grateful to finally have different food other than pizza and sandwiches to eat.

“I think it’s awesome to have a variety around town. It’s nice to order something other than pizza for a change. The chicken quesadillas are amazing!” said senior Sean Davids.

Sean Hunt agreed.

“Yeah I really like it. And the fact that they deliver makes it that much better,” he said.

But it’s worth it to save the tip of a delivery guy and take a trip out to the Hydeville Plaza.

When you first walk through the door, the orange paint glistens just above the wooden countertops, and the smell of food overwhelms your senses. You may also find yourself standing face to face with a wooden statue of a bear wearing a cape and a sombrero. While you wait for your order, you can relax in their comfortable chairs and surf the Web with their wireless Internet.

So what can you expect from Cinco Gringos in the future?

For starters, there will be specials for college students and maybe even a college night, Jakab said.

“Once we get the menu down, we will be adding enchiladas and an expanded menu,” Jakab stated.

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