WIUV: Where there is something for everyone

It’s a night like any other. You’re sitting around looking for something to keep yourself occupied. There is nothing on TV and all your friends are busy, so what are to do? Click on the radio and turn to channel WIUV 91.3, Castleton State College’s student run radio station.

“There are a few students involved with behind the scenes work at the station. There is the general manager, program director, music directors and an engineer,” said Myles Mickle, CSC Senior and the radio station’s general manager. “Ever since we were shut down, we have had a lot of old stuff cycling though from years ago. So right now we are trying to get new stuff on the air and more students interested.”

With the station looking to gain interest from the Castleton community, some may find themselves wondering what this station has to offer different from other ones already on the airwaves.

“We are a non-commercial station, and we are about being an alternative to what is on every other radio station,” said Mickle. “There is a large variety of stuff on the air. We are trying for the live coverage of sports games, we have news shows, chat shows, clubs on campus have their own shows and music that ranges from rock to hip/hop to country. There is something for everyone.”

The radio station isn’t a new thing. For decades, the station has been a voice on campus, but the energy at the station has died down since the original opening of WIUV.

“We want to get our name back out there and get people generally interested again,” said Talia Roy, CSC senior and the radio station’s music director. “In 1976, when it started, everyone loved it and gave it a lot of attention. Since then it’s been sinking slowly. But now we have a new location and thousands of CD’s. We are coming back and making it better than ever.”

With the station hoping for more involvement from the students, what are they willing to offer the faithful student listeners in return?

“We already have a lot of DJs, but we can always use more. Everyone can have their own show, whatever topic they want and say whatever they want to say,” said sophomore Brendan Silkey, the radio station’s engineer. “It is a lot of fun. We have a good base of music that a lot of students want to hear. More people should join.”

Mickles said he hopes the new station and newfound enthusiasm by students will breed more enthusiasm and lead to more students taking on shows.

“The radio station is open for everyone. The guidelines are simple, you give us one hour a week and just don’t swear on the air,” Mickle said. “Other than that you can do whatever you want. Whatever someone wants to say or express, WIUV is here.

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