His own studio

As he adjusts the audio levels on a mixer, Ben Guihan listens to his previously recorded music in preparation for another recording session. He then tunes his guitar, clears his throat, and begins practicing a song he wrote titled “The Ballad of Howard Mason.” After a couple more sound checks, Guihan is ready to record some new material.

Although one may expect to see a setup like this in a recording studio, Guihan, a junior at Castleton, does things differently and records right in his dorm room.

As a dedicated musician, he practices and records his own music whenever he has free time.

“I really want to emphasize on making good quality music to put online and give to my friends,” said Guihan.

Ben started playing the trumpet in fourth grade and took lessons until his freshman year of high school. He was then introduced to the guitar in his sophomore year and it has been his passion ever since.

By his junior year, Guihan was already writing his own material and since then has written around 40 songs and recorded about half of them.

Throughout his three years at Castleton, he has played at Pub Night numerous times, performed a show in the lounge of Haskell Hall, played guitar in the theater production, The Vagina Monolougues and has future plans to record more.

Many of his peers enjoy the fact Ben is able to record music in his room and some are looking forward to recording with him.

“I’m so excited to record and distribute music throughout campus,” said Kat Eichler, a fellow musician and peer of Ben. “The microphone he has is state of the art and picks up sound very clearly.”

The Community Advisor on Ben’s floor, Courtney Ianni, wants to hold another floor activity this semester in the lounge of Haskell featuring Guihan.

“Ben’s music really brings people together during his shows” said Ianni. “Facebook was created in a dorm room and I think it’s really cool that Ben records in the dorm. All you need is a dream and a dorm.

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