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I want to throw a Super Bowl party this year, but not just any Super Bowl party. I want Castleton’s best and brightest in attendance, not just any old sports fan. So I’ve been working on my guest list lately.My first invite will be stamped and sent out to Chris Eder, the head coach of Castleton’s ski teams. Both the men and women’s team have placed first in every race this season. That type domination is a recipe marinated in Frank’s Red Hot. Eder, you can borrow some of that hot sauce the ski team has resembled and make a batch of chicken wings to bring to the party.

This party would be nothing without some pizza, so I’m getting Coach Paul Culpo to stop by Dominos and pick up their new and improved pie on his way to the party. Culpo knows a thing or two about improving an embarrassing product. He has taken a program that went 2-23 last season and has performed a quick turnaround. The men’s basketball team has a 10-7 overall record and is currently in third place in the North Atlantic Conference standings with a 5-2 conference record.

What good would all of this food be if we don’t have anything to wash it down with? Stuart Stefan of the men’s hockey team will have to bring the refreshments. Stefan has been a key factor to the Spartans 6-1-3 record in the past 10 games. In that span he has been able to record nine goals and two assists. The Spartans started the season 1-6-2, but largely due to Stefan’s ability to find the net they have climbed into the fourth ranked spot in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference standings.

When the game is coming to an end I’m guessing everyone in New England will simultaneously come down with turrets syndrome as they watch Peyton Manning hoist his second Super Bowl trophy in a four year span.

After Manning and the Colts win the game 44-40 my first Super Bowl party will come to a close. I will say goodbye to Eder and wish him luck at nationals this year. I’ll tell Culpo how impressed I am with the job he has done so far in his first season as coach. I will tell Stefan how envious I am of his ability to dance around defensemen and score at will. When my guests finally clear out it will be just me and the pile of bones from the chicken wings that are left in my apartment.

But I haven’t forgotten to hire a cleaning crew. The women’s hockey team can help me clean up the mess after the party, as they will have a similar task of cleaning up their 3-9-1 record before seasons end.

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