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The Timbaland album Shock Value 2 was released on December 8th of 2009, following the original track Shock Value. Each track featuresa different artist with Timbaland. There is a huge variety of artists contributing to this album, and with this mix, it creates a new flavor of music; TImbaland’s own version

of NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC. Each song has a different mood, partially due to who performs the songs with Timbaland. Some of the artists are unexpected, such as track number 3, “Lose Control”

featuring JoJo. This track is slower, more romantic and with JoJo’s voice, more feminine.

However, “Carry Out”, Track 2 features Justin Timberlake

and is a complete 180 turn from track 3. The lyrics are slightly amusing, comparing

attractive woman to a fast food industry, and the beat is prominent and addicting. Most of the songs on this album are easy to like, good beats and good guest performances. However, one song that I did not enjoy was the song called “Ease off the Liquor”. While the name sounds promising, it was too much techno and repetition, and being almost a six minute song made me lose interest. The tempo was also fast, making the lyrics difficult to understand. Overall, I found the album enjoyable, and still have many of the songs stuck in my head.

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