Forever Young

High School seems so distantfor me, when we would hang out with friends, play varsity sports, and try to become

the next hometown hero. But what we get out of high school is our diploma

and our friendship with other kids. Those memories we have will be in our lives forever.

I have a friend from high school that I have kept in touch with. Tommy and his family were always there for me in support no matter how bad the scenario was. When I was 19, Tommy was my only friend from high school who saw me in the hospital after my brain surgery to correct my epilepsy. He came with his girlfriend one time and we discussed how the basketball

team was going to do. I mentioned to him how much I wanted to get out of the hospital

and finally live a normal life seizure free.

Having a friend who would take that extra step for you can make that friendship

even sweeter. T made me think back to the days of playing basketball one-on-one in the park or listening to hip-hop music while trying to free-style. Tommy would always refer to me as C-Lap (short for Chris LaPointe).

I never thought the day would come when I’d hear about him being diagnosed with cancer.

Tommy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a rare bone disease) three years ago. I knew that this is something

that he could fight. He always knew how to compete in games and practices. He would never give up. He got treatment and required a total knee replacement. But they soon found there was still a tumor in his right knee. They had to amputate his leg from his knee down.

But the cancer still wasn’t gone.

In a cat scan they found tumors

in his lungs.

When I found this out, I felt like a 500-pound anvil

was dropped on me and I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t believe it. Chemotherapy and radiation wasn’t working. He went to Arizona to get alternative

treatment. I went to a fund-raiser and was going to help pay for the alternative treatment. I heard a lot of positive things and memories we all had of him.

My friend has been fighting

this for three years. The whole community has been trying to help out anyway they can to support Tommy and his family with the treatment

he needs to get. I just wish I could go to Arizona to see how he is doing, just like he did for me. I know he will come out on top. This battle will make him stronger than ever before.

He will always be the best friend I have ever had. Good luck Tommy.

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