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When you were little, did you ever have to explain to your parents why you had room for dessert but not your vegetables? Or did you have to come up with a really good excuse for why your parents should not send you to bed just yet? Did your sister ever list the reasons she could not play with you while your parents were not home? With a little over a hundred short poems, the book The Other Side of the Door by Jeff Moss explores the ins and outs of childhood, as well as some truly strange things. Strange, as in ‘Why it’s Hard to Be Romantic If you’re an Octopus’, and ‘I think I’m going to sneeze soon’.While the book was written

by the same man who wrote ‘Rubber Duckie’, it is, despite its categorization as children’s poems, not only for children. There are poems

in almost every category imaginable, from the poem about Stuart Magroo who never tried anything new, to the poem about chickens traveling through the city on elevators, escalators, subways

and buses. No matter how many times the poems are re-read and no matter what ages the readers may be, the poems always draw a laugh.

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