Blue state goes red!

Scott Brown on Jan. 19 won a historic victory over Massachusetts Attorney GeneralMartha Coakley, handing Republicans a 41st seat in the United States Senate and compromising health care reform

by bringing an end to the Democrats’ 60-seat majority.

But just who is Sen. Scott Brown? Who is the Republican

who took over a seat held by Democratic icon Edward Kennedy for the past 46 years.

He first hit the national scene posing nude in the “America’s Sexiest Man” contest

that appeared in the June 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. He owns a 2005 GMC Canyon Pickup truck with 200,000 miles on the odometer and put it up, front and center in the campaign ads, showing up at campaign rallies in it, and using it in television ads.

Political Science professor

Melisse Pinto discussed Brown’s unlikely win in highly Democratic Massachusetts.

“Brown ran a great campaign.

He was very charismatic

and appeared moderate and in touch with the concerns and values of average people,” she said.

Brown appealed to independent

voters in a state that requires almost every resident to have health insurance and offers subsidies to low-income

residents through the Commonwealth Health Insurance

Connector Authority.

Castleton senior Sarah Kenney, a Massachusetts native, like what she sees in Brown.

“I believe his best interest is for the people of the Commonwealth.

He appears to be ambitious and full of ideas,” she said.

But what does the Republicans

41st senate seat mean for Obama administration? If you listen to John Stewart, it isn’t good.

“The Kennedy legacy goes down to a naked guy who owns a truck,” Stewart

said on a recent show.

The once blue state has now turned red, and Brown promises to vote against the health care reform bill and other spending bills that will affect the generations to come. The honeymoon might be over.

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